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Alyssa's Story


Alyssa Alexander was with Shelby the night the two of them decided to visit another household.  This is her story.  Alyssa has granted permission to place this on the Shelby's Rules website in the hope it will save lives.  We think it has saved lives, because young people pay attention to what their peers have to say. 
Alyssa has attended presentations with Debbie to tell her story alongside Debbie.  Thank you, Alyssa.  We know how hard this has been for you.  You are a hero for stepping up and speaking out.
the Allen Family


My best friend Shelby was unlike any other friend I have ever had. We shared so much, and were so alike we often would joke and call each other twin. We shared the same passion for music, running and life. She was sweet, funny, kind, loving girl, everything you could want in a friend. We had the best of times together. The memories I cherish with her will always be with me. Shelb knew just what to say, she did have a way with words that I have never seen before. She was a true friend. Something that is hard to come by.

Shelby truly helped me with me my hard times as I did with her. My regret is that I didn't help her that night in December when she needed me the most. I wish I would have known what I know now, alcohol can kill you.

That first night of winter break started out as carefree, fun, we laughed, we had a blast. But it all turned wrong within a matter of hours. We made the decision to drink. Shelb got sick, I got sick. The last thing I can remember from that night is seeing Shelby against the toilet, before I passed out as well. I found Shelby the next morning, I knew right then something was wrong. But it was too late. Nothing could be done. Early that morning, December 20th, my best friend died.

If only I knew. If only I knew my Shelb was in trouble. If only that night I would of called for help, I could have saved her life. If only I knew that our choice of drink, vodka, could kill you. If only I knew my friend needed me. All of these "if I only knews". But I'm giving you the gift of knowledge now, what I wish I knew. I'm giving you this incredible gift now so you do not have to go through what I do everyday. My heart is broken; I miss my best friend, my twin, Shelby, so much.

Alcohol can kill you. Did you know that? Those shots that go down so easy? Yes. It took my friends life. In all my years I have never heard about alcohol poisoning. I always thought you got sick, maybe passed out, you would wake up the next morning with a nasty hangover. Sound familiar? Yeah yeah, but this is not the case. When you or someone you know is throwing up, it is alcohol poisoning. You could die. Your friend could die. It's not discussed, kids don't know. I didn't know, Shelby didn't know. All I remember hearing about was drinking and driving. So I prided myself in not ever being in that situation. But I'm telling you now what you need to know, as a fellow teenager and friend.

When you see a friend, a classmate, anyone vomiting from alcohol, this is the first sign of alcohol poisoning. Get help. Call 911. All it takes is one call to save a life. That person's life is precious. Please do what I didn't. Everyday I ask myself "why didn't I  know this, why I didn't do anything?" I miss my best friend so much everyday. I don't ever want this 100 percent preventable death to happen to anyone in your life. Please take this information and know you can save a life.

Dig life, it was Shelby's motto. It's what gets me by everyday. I live life for Shelby because she no longer can. I'm giving you my story in hopes you'll take this, learn from our mistakes and maybe one day save a life.




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