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Jon Bell's Story

Hi, my name is Jackie Bell and on Halloween this year I almost lost my 14 year old son to alcohol poisoning.  A very irresponsible adult allowed several teens to party at their home. To my knowledge this was his 1st time drinking and hopefully his last. They were served Captain Morgan Rum and by his BAC the guess is that he had 7-10 shots.   Two of his friends that were not drinking overcame their fear and had the sense to get him home to me. They walked him 2 miles or better across town to get him here. Less than a minute after he walked in the door he collapsed and stopped breathing, it is by the Grace of God that he is still her with us today.  He also had a lump on his head and some abrasions on his side that to his friends are unclear on how he got them.  I truly believe had they not got him here he would have laid somewhere and died, one from the fact his breathing stopped or by choking on his own vomit.  We called 911 and had him rushed to the hospital and pumped full of fluids. Jon was lucky as it looks like there will be no side effects or long term damage.  Parents need to educate their kids and adults need to be responsible and held accountable for things like this. I have turned everything over to the Anderson Police Dept in hopes that charges can and will be brought against these people so they do not do this to someone else's child. The picture below is one the Dr. suggested we take to show him how terrible he looked and we are now using it to share our story. Jon said if his story can save one kid then what he went through will be worth it, he has a whole new outlook on life!  Thank You for your time, Jackie Bell 
Picture Caption
On 10-31-09 Jon Bell almost lost his life to alcohol poisoning, he stopped breathing at one time, Thank God he is still here with us. On that same weekend my friends son lost his life to alcohol poisoning and he has no idea the pain his family is suffering now.  Jon is really sure he did die briefly.  If it had not been for his friends having the common sense to get him home to us for help he too would be dead. His blood alcohol was over 3x the legal limit and adults supplied him!! Please think before you drink!! Not everyone is as lucky as he was to come back.


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